OIPR - XXXème Summer school - from July 4th to 13th 2011 - Paris

Monday 1 November 2010

Memory of the body Behavioral problems

Like each year, for 30 years already, the ISRP and the network of the OIPR, has proposed to you 2 weeks of conferences, debates and workshops to look further into this central set of themes.

The interactions between the memory of the body and the behavioral problems will be considered:

- * from the point of view of the evolution and the neuropsychology of the development,

- * in bond with the interactions, felt and expressions of the emotions

- * in reference to last knowledge relating to cerebral plasticity

- * and with their applications in particular at the time of the degenerative diseases or ageing and more largely in the event of trainings


This Summer school is the moment privileged to know the last discoveries on the relations between the body and the spirit.

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